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Seba Dynatronic®, a member of the Megger Group, is a world leader in the production of equipment and fully-equipped test vans for locating losses in water distribution networks, cathodic protection pipelines and faults in power or telecommunication cables, with an experience of over 65 years. The company also manufactures buried pipelines and cables locators, and manhole locators.

Headquartered in Baunach - Bavaria, the company has subsidiaries on all continents. "The key word of our philosophy is TRAINING." Seba Dynatronic® offers its clients every year a number of seminars organized at the seminar centre in Baunach - Germany, or at the users-s headquarters where more than 30,000 specialists from 120 countries, including Romania, have already participated. 

All major water companies in Romania have purchased from our company portable equipment to locate network water losses, which have proven their robustness and efficiency in operation. More than 60 test vans shave been delivered at the time.

As far as equipment for the energy sector is concerned, up to now, on the Romanian market, our company has put into operation a number of over 200 fully equipped test vans and mobile fault locating systems.




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Xylem rgb  Xylem is with Pure Technologies (a Xylem Brand) a world leader in the inspection, monitoring and management of water and wastewater pipelines and networks. The company’s portfolio of solutions help pipeline owners avoid wasteful expenditures such as replacing good infrastructure prematurely. Based on research and Pure Technologies’ own experience, most pipelines are in good condition, and can be managed for less than 10% of the replacement value.